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Immune system cats: its structure and function


What Causes Cat Anorexia?

The first step into determining the causes of cat anorexia is to define what type is it. The veterinarian will run a series of tests to determine which is the one she is suffering.
The most common causes of true anorexia are:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach or intestinal ulcer
  • Cancer
  • Immune disease
  • Hot temperature
  • Stress
  • Environment change
  • Pain
  • Systemic disease
  • Poison ingestion

Treatment of Anorexia in Cats

The first line of attack against cat anorexia goes against its underlying cause. To reverse dehydration, decrease nausea, and improve nutrition, the veterinarian might provide some supportive therapy.
The initial treatment will conclude with an intravenous. If the cat has spent two or three days with no food, a feeding tube might be placed.
The veterinarian might choose to prescribe you feline some medication to reduce inflammation (steroids), to stimulate appetite, and to reduce nausea.
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