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About Us

PETADD was founded in 2019 with the goal of distributing greater quantities of quality pet products and therefore changing from a retail company, to an online wholesale company.

Within the first 2 years of operation PETADD registered over 500retailers and veterinary clinics, with major pet retailer sites, pet forums, and pet Apps in close cooperation. While supporting the retailers through exceptional services, PETADD searched for high-quality, well-known suppliers, and eventually became a distributor for several international brands including; Ensuring that pet retailers and pet owners are pleased with the imported, high-quality products has always been PETADD’s primary goal.


Company Vision

PETADD’s vision is not only to promote pet products to Australia, but to instill a developed consumer culture with values centered around environmental sustainability, health, well-rounded nutrition, safety and a true love for pets.


PETADD is set in being an excellent Australian partner, investing in continuous supplier brand promotion, and providing reliable after-sales services.


PETADD’s goal is to bring exceptional brands and high-quality products together so that retailers can focus on efficient procurement.